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I had the wrong service pack

How often should you wash jeans? Not very often, once every 3 months if you must, the reason being is most jeans fabrics will stretch and can actually start to rip if frequently washed. If your jeans must be frequently washed, turn it inside out (this way the zipper and buckle wont bang against theContinue reading “I had the wrong service pack”

Lance Gough oversees the emergency departments at

Robot Ready Cue the Star Wars music and roll the robots: NorthBay Healthcare has gone high tech. The arrival this summer of two bright, shiny Intouch Health robots lays the groundwork for NorthBay to become a primary stroke center. The robots link both NorthBay Medical Center and NorthBay VacaValley Hospital with Mercy Neurological Institute, whereContinue reading “Lance Gough oversees the emergency departments at”

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